Glory B Flat Clarinet
Diamond Series (D)

Diamond Series (D)

Great sound a d value is what you can expect from Diamond Series Speaker Systems. Engineered to the highest specifications, Diamond Series Speakers are a best in class value! Starting with a heavy gauge steel frame and injection melded polymer cone, quality materials are used for long-lasting performance. Diamond Series Speakers are the ideal choice for any OEM upgrade.
3-Way Component System with 3.5" Mid/6.5" Sub 60WRMS
(2)13mm PEI Dome & 20mm Silk Dome Tweeters/70WRMS
6.5" 2-Way Components/50WRMS
6.5" 2-Way Convertible/50WRMS
6.5" 3-Way 13mm PEI Dome & 20mm Silk Dome Tweeters/50WRMS
6.5" Coaxial 20mm Silk Dome Tweeter / 50WRMS
6x9" 3-way 13mm PEI Dome & 20mm Silk Dome Tweeters 
6x9" 2-Way Convertible/70WRMS
6x8" 3-Way 13mm PEI Dome & 20mm Silk Dome Tweeters/40WRMS
5.25" Coaxial/40WRMS
4" Coaxial with 20mm PEI Dome Tweeter/30WRMS
3.5" Full Range Speaker 20WRMS