Glory B Flat Clarinet
Diamond Elite (DE)

Diamond Elite (DE)

The Diamond Elite amplifiers are designed and engineered to sound dynamic and generate continuous solid power.  It is also crafted with strength and durability for everyday use.  The multi-channel models utilize Class A/B topology design while the mono-channel models incorporate Class D topology.  Loaded with an array of feature control sets, Diamond Elite amplifiers provide the flexibility to fine-tune and improve the sound quality of any car audio listening environment.

900 WRMS 5-Channel Amplifier
600 WRMS 1-Channel Amplifier
400 WRMS 4-Channel Amplifier
600 WRMS 4-Channel Amplifier

300 WRMS 2-Channel Amplifier

1200 WRMS 1-Channel Amplifier
1600 WRMS 1-Channel Amplifier